Città di Tarcento

C.F. 00408250306
P.I. 00538110305
Piazza Roma, 7 (UD)
C.A.P. 33017
tel. 0432/780611
fax 0432/791694

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Geographically speaking, the town is located in an area of varied and contrasting landscapes: to the north are the Julian Alpine foothills, imposing limestone bastions along the horizon, defending the town from cold northern winds; to the south is the Friulian high plain, formed by the alluvial deposits of the great watercourses, including the River Torre; to the east are the Colli Orientali (or Eastern Hills), gently rolling Eocene reliefs; to the west is the morainic amphitheatre of the River Tagliamento, with its surrounding hills formed after the last Ice Age.

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